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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Training Webinar

Universal Design is an approach that minimizes barriers and maximizes learning for all students. Learn from PANDA’s year-long UDL research in ABE classrooms. Students are highly diverse and it is beneficial to design classrooms to meet this diversity. During this recorded webinar you will discover specific and practical ways for developing clear expectations, designing a classroom floor plan and fostering a sense of community. See “before”/ “after” pictures and videos of our pilot. You will also learn about barriers to instruction, explore possibilities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and explore a variety of instructional methods. Use UDL principles to make your classroom inviting and inclusive. Whether you have your own classroom or share classroom space you’ll gain some new ideas. This training involves participating in the recorded webinar (at your convenience) during the month of January. You will be expected to complete an assignment which includes implementing UDL principles into your classroom then reflecting on your experience. Lastly, there will be a one hour live webinar at the end of February in which you will be asked to share your UDL experience with other participants. You will earn 16 CEUs when all requirements are completed. If you are interested in participating, please email Wendy Sweeney at wendy_sweeney@rdale.org   

Beyond Worksheets and Drills:  Enhancing the ABE Classroom with Multi-sensory and Multi-modal Methods

Participants will leave this collaborative session with new and refreshing ideas for standards-based reading, writing, and math lessons. Understand the importance of using multiple means of delivery and multi-sensory (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) methods to maximize student success. Improve outcomes for adult students with learning challenges and disabilities. Walk away with enjoyable and practical activities you can adapt to all levels of students!

How to Reduce and Defuse Classroom Conflict

Adult education classrooms are made up of students from many backgrounds and cultures, often with different expectations, goals, and levels of educational experience.  How can we promote equity and inclusion while recognizing each student’s individuality?  How can the classroom be a safe haven from both internal and external turmoil and conflict?  This workshop will cover the roots of conflict, differing types of conflict, and the role of communication skills.  Using Universal Design for Learning strategies (i.e. building community and creating a welcoming environment principles), there will be several specific student-centered ideas to prevent and address conflict when it (inevitably) creeps in!

I Think my Student has a Learning Disability

This is one of the most commonly heard statements PANDA staff receive from ABE teachers.  Sometimes the answer is "yes", but identifying the disability can be challenging.  Come to this session to learn facts and misconceptions about the term "learning disabilities" and gain knowledge about the differences between learning disability, low ability and learning challenges.  Find out about the complexity of diagnosing students from other cultures.  Learn specific strategies to help students.  

Is Your Mental Backpack too Heavy?

Learn how to lighten the load and understand key warning signs for early onset anxiety disorders.  Learn techniques on lightening the load of stress and anxiety in the classroom and in your life.  Gain useful information about how stress and anxiety may be impacting your students’ mental health.  Understand the power of fear and the impact of information overload.  Learn concrete problem solving strategies that can reduce anxiety, manage stress, and increase attention span. Find out how to communicate with students who could benefit from professional mental health services.

Looking at Your Students Through a Different Lens

Participate in a simulation activity to better understand the learning challenges many of your students face.  Learn about PANDA - Minnesota ABE Disability Specialists and its resources and support services, including our website, http://mn.abedisabilities.org.  Explore disability information, classroom strategies, resources and more on the website.

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness - Online

This workshop is an online course in collaboration with the Minnesota Literacy Council.  Learn about signs and symptoms of common mental disorders.  Learn to reduce the stigma of mental illness by understanding what it is like and how common it is.  Find out how to make it more comfortable to talk about mental illness, including what to say and do when students disclose mental illness.  During the second part, you will gain useful information about stress, how it impacts mental health, and learn mental wellness strategies, including how to find work-life balance.  This course can be found at:  online.themlc.org

Victims Among Us

Learn about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the impact trauma has on individuals.  Discuss the types of events that can trigger PTSD, the symptoms, and treatment options.  Learn about risk factors for PTSD and the role resiliency plays in recovery.  Leave the session with ideas on how to educate and help your students, including mental health resources.

Who's in the Driver's Seat?

Positive behavioral interventions in the ABE classroom. Does your classroom need a behavioral tune-up?  Is your teacher tank empty? In this session, you will identify teacher and student behaviors that cause engine trouble in your classroom.  Explore why some management techniques can stall you and analyze behavioral strategies that will get you up and running.

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