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My student is: U.S. Born English Language Learner (ELL)

STEP 1 - U.S. Born

Student demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • Has shown little to no level gains/progress
    (levels may go up and down, but remain in similar range)
  • Has been enrolled in ABE for 2+ years
  • Struggles with reading and appears to have plateaued academically
  • Reads at or below a 4th grade reading level
  • Skills are not improving even after several strategies have been tried
  • Has trouble recalling what they learned the day before

If the majority of above characteristics describes your student, your student may not be appropriate for ABE.  Click here for more information on the Minnesota ABE Student Progress Policy. 

It may be more beneficial for the student to focus on social and employment skills rather than academic skills (which is the intent of ABE).  Click here for social, recreational, and job training resources.  For a statewide link to other community resources, go to: minnesotahelp.info or http://www.mndisability.gov/public/

If this does not describe your student or if you did not get the information you need, go to STEP 2.

STEP 1 - English Language Learner (ELL)

Student demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • Has had little to no formal education in their native country
  • Grew up speaking a language that was not a written language
  • Did not learn to read in their native language
  • Has strong oral language skills, but struggles with reading
  • Score of 210 or lower on CASAS Reading
  • Needs a translator to converse with English speakers
  • Compared to other students at the same level, the student is not progressing as quickly.

If the majority of the above characteristics describe your student, click on the following links for helpful strategies and resources:


Click on a. or b. below to view handouts with strategy and resource ideas:

Possible vision or hearing issues?

In order to rule out vision or hearing loss as a contributing factor to student learning challenges, ask your student if he/she has ever had their vision or hearing examined. If they have not had vision or hearing examinations, click on the following links for low cost resources:

Vision: http://mn.abedisabilities.org/abe-disability-manual/vision-loss-and-blindness/resources-and-website-links

Hearing: http://mn.abedisabilities.org/abe-disability-manual/hearing-loss-and-deafness/resources-and-website-links

If this does not describe your student or you did not get the information you need, go to STEP 2.

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